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Santex powdered (finger txt)

Powdered latex medical gloves recommended for users struggling with the problem of excessive hand sweating during the use of medical gloves.

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Santex powdered (finger txt)

santex powdered gloves are powdered latex gloves. The powdered surface at the fingertips guarantees a firm grip during handling. santex powdered gloves are powdered gloves that reduce hand perspiration during glove use. The gloves represent great quality at a low price.



This device possess all certificates, in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements in the field of medical devices, personal protective equipment, and products intended for food contact.

Therefore, the product also meets the highest quality and product standards for medical devices, personal protective equipment and products intended for food contact.

Confirmation of the above provisions and the list of certificates, standards and legal and regulatory provisions relating to the product can be found in the Declaration of Conformity.


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To jest wyrób medyczny. Używaj go zgodnie z instrukcją używania lub etykietą.