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  9. Nanomax PROFESSIONAL do Odkamieniania - koncentrat

Nanomax PROFESSIONAL do Odkamieniania - koncentrat

Concentrated preparation with decalcification effect

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SKU: DS6400711 3-4
Pojemność: 500 ml , 1000 ml
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Nanomax PROFESSIONAL do Odkamieniania - koncentrat

  • For cleaning steel and nickel-plated appliances and surfaces.
  • Decalcifies, cleans and shines surfaces without damaging them.
  • Prevents rapid deposition of new layers of scale.


  • For descaling of catering equipment: Kettles, coffee and tea makers, electric heaters, dishwashers, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays.
  • Indispensable in the household, catering and industry.

Why is Nanomax stainless steel cleaner a good choice?

  • selected components in the chemical composition
  • nano-components synthesised entirely by the Dynamic laboratory (e.g. stable nano atomic silver)
  • demineralised water as a base with the highest purity, ensuring the chemical stability of the product
  • high degree of biodegradability
  • No phosphorus compounds (contributes to the growth of algae in water)
  • Limited allergens
  • Bottle protection to prevent children from opening the bottle
  • exceptional efficiency and high concentration with dilution up to 1:50 (in concentrates) and up to 1:4 (in "ready to use" products).

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For Nanomax cleaners, we recommend the chemically resistant MERCATOR high protect gloves - Thick, chemically resistant nitrile gloves developed for professionals. Long cuff and textured surface for conditions requiring wrist protection and a stable grip. Padded interior for comfort.

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