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MERCATOR gogrip LONG 50 pcs powder-free nitrile gloves blue

Long cuff for better protection!
Premium gloves with long cuffs and diamond 3D texture — for improved grip, wrist protection and outstanding work comfort.

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SKU: RP300310 02-06
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MERCATOR gogrip LONG 50 pcs powder-free nitrile gloves blue

Professional gloves, MERCATOR gogrip long, are designed to protect your hands when working in slippery, humid and wet conditions. The outer surface of the diamond 3D texture improves grip and confidence of moves, while the inside of the glove, with its inverted 3D texture, ensures air circulation and reduces excessive sweating of the hands. Thanks to their long cuffs (at least 30 cm), these gloves protect hands, wrists and part of the forearm against contact with contaminants and substances from the environment. 

Recommended applications:

MERCATOR gogrip long gloves are suitable for food processing, where the hands are exposed to work in slippery, humid and wet conditions. The long cuff provides additional protection, so the gloves protect the hands, wrists and parts of the forearm.. MERCATOR gogrip long gloves are also ideal for wet cleaning, using various cleaning agents.

Our gloves undergo extensive tests to ensure their integrity and your safety – MERCATOR gogrip gloves are classified as personal protective equipment of category 3, type B.

High tear resistance helps reduce the number of used gloves, which supports your environmental efforts.



This product is a product with all certificates, in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements in the field of personal protective equipment.

Therefore, the product also meets the highest quality and product standards for personal protective equipment.

Confirmation of the above provisions and the list of certificates, standards and legal and regulatory provisions relating to the product can be found in the Declaration of Conformity.


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