nitrylex® classic blue 100 pcs.| Nitrile gloves |Protective | Powder-free

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nitrylex® classic - Barrier against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The highest quality classic powder-free nitrile gloves.

nitrylex® classic - a universal product available in three colour options, a barrier against bacteria, fungi and viruses. nitrylex® classic are classic nitrile gloves, powder-free. Available in packs of 100.


SKU: RD30019001-5
Type: medical-protective
Tax: 20%
Raw material: nitryle
Colour: blue
Shape: universal
Quantity per box: 100 pc.
Quantity in a collective carton: 10 units x100 pc.
Outer surface: textured at the fingertips
Inner surface: bezpudrowa - polimeryzowana
Tightness level AQL: ≤1.5
Sterility: non-sterile
Brand: nitrylex®
Product class: standard
Category/type of protection: III
Medical class: I
Product category: diagnostic and protective
Cuff: rolled
Thickness: standard gloves
Suitable for sensitive skin: yes, non-latex gloves
Compliance with standards: EN ISO 15223-1, EN 1041, Regulation (EU) 2017/745, EN 1041 , EN 16523-1 , EN ISO 374-1 , EN ISO 374-2 , EN ISO 374-4 , EN 420 , EN 455(1-4) , EN ISO 13485:2016, EN ISO 374-5
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nitrylex® classic blue 100 pcs.| Nitrile gloves |Protective | Powder-free

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