ideall® nitrile moto 100 pcs.| Nitile gloves | Protective |Powder-free

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Strength for everyone!

Technologically advanced gloves for the automotive market.


Need ultimate strength? If the answer is yes, ideall® nitrile moto is a perfect choice for you.

ideall® nitrile moto - are the strongest gloves in our assortment!

ideall® nitrile moto - these gloves are much thicker than the standard ones, and they are also longer – their length exceeds 30 cm. They also have a texture over the entire surface. All of these features provide what’s most important: a secure grip and user comfort. 

ideall® nitrile moto - a product that reduces the risk of hand injury due to thicker walls and extended cuffs.

The right gloves for the job are essential to safety at work.

Strength and endurance!

The full-surface texture of the gloves ensures a secure grip – even in greasy or wet conditions. The polymerised layer inside allows donning even on wet hands.

ideall® nitrile moto are gloves recommended for those who need maximum protection against mechanical injuries and a high level of tactile sensitivity at the same time.


SKU: RD30187003-6
Type: protective
Tax: 20%
Raw material: nitryle
Colour: black
Shape: universal
Quantity per box: 100 pc.
Quantity in a collective carton: 10 units x100 pc.
Outer surface: textured
Inner surface: bezpudrowa - polimeryzowana
Tightness level AQL: not applicable
Sterility: non-sterile
Brand: ideall®
Product class: premium
Category/type of protection: I
Medical class: I
Product category: household and protective - professional
Cuff: rolled
Thickness: longer and thicker gloves
Suitable for sensitive skin: yes, non-latex gloves
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ideall® nitrile moto 100 pcs.| Nitile gloves | Protective |Powder-free

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