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The eMercator online store which belongs to the leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable gloves and other disposable products.


If you are looking for disposable medical gloves, professional disposable gloves or disposable personal protective equipment you are in the right place!

In eMercator you will find only certified products! Our articles meet the requirements of numerous standards and hold a number of European (EN) and international (ISO) certificates which guarantee their highest quality and hand protection. Besides, our gloves undergo a multistage quality control so that you can trust our products without any doubt.

For as many as 25 years Mercator, a company with vast experience in the market, has supplied its disposable products to the personnel of hospitals, of the chemical, automotive and food industry as well as to individuals. Millions of satisfied customers and over 2% share in the global market of disposable gloves.

But Mercator is more than just a distributor. We have our own manufacturing plant in Thailand in which we manufacture our gloves* (that plant is also the largest Polish investment in Thailand). Our plant is the second largest manufacturer of disposable gloves in Thailand. The year 2022 has been a turning point for our company – we have opened the third production line which has increased our production capacity to 3 billion gloves a year.

Factory in Thailand

Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of high-quality disposable diagnostic and protective gloves. Our products are made of nitrile and natural latex. We offer gloves suitable for the medical, industrial, food and automotive sectors, including gloves for procedures with increased risk of infection.

What are the unique strengths of the Mercator Group?

Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. specialises in manufacture of diagnostic, protective and surgical gloves designated as medical devices and personal protective equipment. With three factories, we can make both latex and nitrile gloves at the same time.

Good Manufacturing Practice


CE Certificate for medical gloves – sterile surgical gloves considered class II A under applicable regulations


Environmental protection
We try to protect the natural environment every day. Our development strategy and the adopted business model rest on the basic premise: we only have one planet, and its natural capital is limited, so we need to take care of it. We believe that it is our joint mission, and we accept the responsibility for introducing sustainable solutions.


The product offer of Mercator Medical includes powdered and powder-free gloves. They are manufactured of 3 basic materials: nitrile, vinyl or latex – depending on the recommended use. Every material has different properties so that every user can find a product that suits them best. Latex is the most elastic and tear-resistant one. Nitrile ensures secure grip, it has high abrasion and cut resistance, and it is also safe for the environment. Vinyl-coated gloves are less elastic but they are very resistant and ensure secure grip.